Vern Gosdin – Today My World Slipped Away

Vern Gosdin – Today My World Slipped Away.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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13 Responses to Vern Gosdin – Today My World Slipped Away

  • Anthony Sleeth says:

    That picture of Vern and George.That there is two great singers that are
    singing great music in heaven.RIP Vern and Possum.

  • Shirley Pellerin says:

    Seven years ago I was ready to walk out of a 25 year marriage. My husband
    said he was not given up on us that we could get though this. We went out
    for supper an drinks walked in to the bar an as we made it to the dance
    floor this song comes on I pull away from him an starting crying. He held
    me so tight I couldn’t catch my breath an I must say that I’m so glad he
    never let me go. June 18, 2015 we will be dancing again for your 32 wedding
    anniversary along with family an friends.

  • Latissimus Dorsi says:

    This song really tears your heart out ,beautiful. Now Im gonna listen to
    I Can Tell By The Way You Dance to cheer myself up. Love Vern for any
    season and mood!! 

  • ConditionOfAnonymiti says:

    what a sad and beautiful song. Vern is truly missed.

  • Curtis Jones says:

    Vern Gosdin – Today My World Slipped Away:

  • Ben Guiry says:

    could listen to this all day long, but gotta rustle me some Cows.

  • Nathan Dearman says:

    Too bad there are no more Vern Gosdins today… Country music has strayed
    too far from the beaten path & I’m afraid artists today will never find
    their way home.

  • (INACTIVE) Go to SmAk RaZoR says:

    The Voice was the perfect description of Vern.

  • faronfan says:

    Sad, but Vern said he got a few hits out of every one of his divorces!

  • ksufler says:

    this song is soo touching and sad :'(


    3 yrs later and my world is still slipping away :( This was song on radio
    when I walked out of divorce lawyers office… still having a hard time….

  • Nikki B. says:

    his songs are so touching

  • Rob Jardine says:

    So true

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