An Interview with Anne Murray: All of Me, Part I/III

An Interview with Anne Murray Copyright ©CBC 2009.

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10 Responses to An Interview with Anne Murray: All of Me, Part I/III

  • tamiloo1972 says:

    Anne Murray is awesome. I grew up with my grandmother listening to her
    music with snowbird being my all time favorite song. She is so truthful,
    honest, warm, down to earth person. I can’t wait to read her book. I really
    want to go and visit Anne Murray Center and hopefully meet her

  • zjmn58 says:

    Thanks happysun3000 for posting ! 5*****

  • ryan33bttm says:

    My mother sang “Snowbird” to me frequently when I was quite young (probably
    3-4 years old), and it’s a bit disappointing to learn that Anne Murray was
    actually living quite a seedy lifestyle while she was presenting herself as
    a pure, innocent songbird. I always feel deceived when I learn the truth
    about so-called “wholesome” celebrities. Thanks for nothing, Annie!

  • tall32guy says:

    I had no idea Anne had had an affair! Oh well everyone screws up; there’s
    worse things she could have done! LOL I still love her and think she’s a
    sweet, kind and beautiful lady with a golden voice. :)

  • JamaicanGangstarr says:

    3:45 he says cunt

  • happysun3000 says:

    I’m glad you like it. What a lovely, warm and sincere woman, isn’t she?

  • GottaLoveThe Moopets says:

    No one is perfect….everyone makes mistakes.

  • Ettoredipugnar says:

    @JamaicanGangstarr lol

  • Joanfan29 says:

    An excellent interview! Thanks for posting! Anne is an icon!

  • INFLICTEDPAIN213 says:

    This is lovely. To see Anne as she really is. I have loved her since
    Snowbird, and even though she has retired, I still think she is wonderful.
    A lovely woman inside and out! God Bless you Anne, for bringing so much
    happiness to so many people with your wonderful music.

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