Waylon Jennings, Johnny Cash, George Jone-Country Music’s Most Shocking. Full Episode

Controversial events in the country music “world” throughout the years! Very interesting!
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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21 Responses to Waylon Jennings, Johnny Cash, George Jone-Country Music’s Most Shocking. Full Episode

  • Selinor578 says:

    …I’m David Keith…and I’m gonna turn around and start walking in the
    opposite direction now…like I’m walkin’ away from something.

  • DeeDah says:

    It’s not just the IRS. Watch this video and you will be twice as scared:
    Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Civil Forfeiture

  • Lambert Malloy says:

    Thank You, This is a very informative video. Hey! If you find time to view
    it, Take a look at: ” M & M ” Malloy & Martinez {on U-Tube.} 

  • packingten says:

    GOOD OLD IRS THIEVES!. We lost our home after I got Cancer, the IRS came
    back 5 years later and charged us 1500.00 taxes because the Mortgage co
    wrote it off after the SOLD our house for more than we OWED.. We HAD to Pay
    those #$%$^& THieves

  • angelo morales says:

    I remember, I was driving on the freeway. 

  • Denny Montgomery says:

    ol Ugly John Denver he like Billy goats and Airplanes

  • davidallenroth says:

    such a GREAT SHOW!!!!!!!!!! riveting

  • vernon w says:

    Thank You for posting this I never knew any of this…

  • ddaydawg67 says:

    They could do another 1hr show about Jerry Lee Lewis and his escapes from
    death and the law,not to mention that EVIL govt agency known as the IRS.And
    I’m with you DeeDah.Don’t get me started with civil forfeiture.I’m a big
    supporter of the Institute for Justice and the Pacific Legal Foundation.

  • April Gosa says:

    I did not know that patsy was not left intact so horrible 

  • David Smail says:

    Check out this video on YouTube:

  • WT Hendrix says:

    We live the SOUTHERN life.
    Hank . Hank Jr.Jones. Trace. And the list here.
    Many of us pass this road without a thought.
    Im SOUTHERN and of tradition.
    Ill die a lonely unwritten death but SOUTHERN to my bones.
    God bless our people.
    I get a chance? Ill beat the ballsack off a jamcian!
    For the principle of it!
    God bless Dixie! Our people!

  • angelo morales says:

    John Denver!

  • Sam Honeycutt says:


  • Richard Davis says:

    We have got to rid this country of the I.R.S. I don’t know what can be
    done about taxation and I don’t know a damn thing about it, but this has to

  • MaryAnn Herrmann says:

    Shocking video, hard to believe all this happened.

  • John Trujillo says:

    Love all of this music grew up with you and listened to you for the first
    time on a ffor transistet radio music will never be the same love you

  • Sean David says:

    Keep it coming! :)

  • John Pullin says:

    Check out this playlist on YouTube:

  • Debra Vickers says:

    Patsy Cline may she Rest in Peace Cousin …. ! Look up her real name it is
    Hensley !

  • spikealee Baker says:

    Dark, but informative.

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