Porter Wagoner – Hundred Dollar Funeral

Porter Wagoner – Hundred Dollar Funeral.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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37 Responses to Porter Wagoner – Hundred Dollar Funeral

  • wojack1000 says:

    I really never noticed how good Porter Wagoner was till now. He can sing
    some serious tear jerkers. Great Stuff!

  • Marvin Thayer says:

    This reminds me of my Cousin Douglas Charles Wigley 1950-1972, alone and
    forsaken by his brothers. His headstone is a 4 inch square piece of marble
    with his name, date, and coordinates in the cemetery. He was the only good
    one too. RIP Doug. 

  • joe mama says:

    Need it on iTunes

  • Ivan Roberts says:

    great words means a lot , miss you porter ………

  • Kathieo Osborne says:


  • den kem says:

    what a great song thank you for shareing that with us.

  • savannah15946 says:

    Wow what a pleasure it is to see that Porter Wagoner is still with us.
    Thanks so much for the songs that you have put on for us to enjoy!

  • are dgor says:

    You did the right thing. You were a true friend and heprobably knew that.
    This is a great song.

  • headredbone says:

    @xanaxqid4 I was half way through listening to this song, when I saw your
    comment. My childhood friend went away to die alone, from a sickeness that
    he brought on to himself. It has been seven years now since he went away.
    Could not get him to stay. I had to promise not to tell his family. I still
    feel guilty about that. I’m sure he died alone, but I pray that he didn’t.

  • TheDurnans says:

    One song that I would like to hear is his version of Nat Stuckey’s “I’m
    Gonna Act Right.” He did it on his show which I saw on RFD some time ago. I
    see it’s on his “Today” album, but I haven’t been able to score that

  • xanaxqid4 says:

    I am a nursing supervisor in a small town and this song reminds me of one
    of my residents who passed Jan 1st we had noone to call to let them know
    “JAY” was gone.

  • Cathy Lengle says:

    You have a great collection of Porter Wagoner songs . I am looking for one
    song inparticular … I don’t remember the whole song just the refrane ,
    Bottle,bottle why do I love you so much. Can you help me out and if you
    have or know where I could get it and what album it was off out , I sure
    would appreciate it.

  • Tom Page says:

    Just posted it, enjoy.

  • Marvin Thayer says:

    The song writers on this album make this an exceptional album and classic
    Porter. Does that look like Faron Young on the original album cover on the
    couch with the woman. It sure looks like it.

  • Rosa Jones says:

    What a great song and so sad. Porter got some great songs that’s for sure

  • Ras Ton says:

    Do you by chance have Peace on earth begins today by Porter wagoner??

  • 1955classicmama says:

    Never heard this song before but makes us really think. about those who
    pass with no one to pray for their souls.. thanks for this

  • rondelespirit says:

    Thinkin of you Porter! Now singing in God’s Angel Band…

  • Alexandre Dias says:

    Beautiful voice. What a great song!

  • Tom Page says:

    @Decembersfire Got it, it’s up.

  • Marvin Thayer says:

    This song is on the ” Cold Hard Facts of Life” Album from 1967. This Album
    is dark and lonely. The other good song is “Shopworn.” The music on this
    album is harsh and unforgiving. “The First Mrs Jones” and “Tragic Romance”
    are brutal. The only bright spots are a couple of tunes one with Dolly
    called “We’ll Get Ahead Some Day” which was a top 10 song written by his
    fiddler, and another called “If I Could Only Start Over.” There are also
    tunes written by willie and Waylon, and Bill Anderson.

  • Phyllis Foster says:


  • kywoman1950 says:

    Thanks Carl- I though I had heard all porter songs WRONG !! I like this
    thanks for sharing.your pal Mags

  • snakemansnakes Eaton says:

    What a slice of Country! First class. Many thanks for this posting. Porter
    showing he has a great sense of humour when Faron cracks a joke about the
    rhinestone suits. The laughter is so natural. Good music, good singing-
    long live Youtube.

  • 39thala says:

    I’d forgotten Mel wrote Ruby Don’t Take Your Love To Town. It was a hit for
    Kenny Rogers and the First Edition in 1969.

  • sonny paul says:

    that good

  • Freeman Eaton says:

    Just love that electrified Banjo, a very distinctive great sound!

  • comdrsca says:

    Of all the many versions of “Ruby” there has never been one to compare with
    this, Mel’s own version with just his acoustic guitar…. The most haunting
    song possibly ever written, especially knowing the fact it was based on a
    true story that Mel had read in the papers. I could loop this and run it
    all day and never get tired of it. 

  • MK2112 says:

    Porter was just a good ole boy, this show was one of a kind, they just cut
    up and had a blast. The talent back then was just second to none, I too
    could listen to Porter talk all day.

  • JASCOBAR says:

    A friend that had a wild band called ‘Slippery Dawgs” in Fayetteville Ark
    did a take on ‘Ruby’ called ‘Rudy’. It was about two gay men sung by one to
    the other – Rudy.
    The singer had AIDS and sang, “Rudy, I didn’t start that crazy African
    “Oooooooooooooooooh Rudy……….don’t take your love to town.”

  • cards1985 says:

    A Satisfied Mind, what a great song from Porter.

  • Joe Oliver says:

    I loved the shows back then but Spick Roads was sickening .

  • JASCOBAR says:


  • Motelcalifornia2 says:

    Crappy shirts and a crappy laugh…What a loser!

  • Motelcalifornia2 says:

    WTF kind of shirt is that (11:43) to wear to a show???

  • gordie eccles says:

    willie use to play at a place called sunset station in henderson, nv. i
    went and saw him a few times there. his big bus was in the parking lot…..
    it smelt like weed to me. even so, willie is the tops.

  • btrgse says:

    Don Warden is still alive, he plays the steel guitar, he’s about 88 right

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