Bob Wills And His Texas Playboys

That’s What I Like About The South. Great Western Swing from Bob Wills.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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16 Responses to Bob Wills And His Texas Playboys

  • hank haggard says:

    down w-nashville and it aint home of real country anymore. can i get a
    rebal yell?

  • MetryRoad says:

    You’re welcome, and thanks for the comments. There are some quality bands
    trying to keep western swing alive. Check out ‘The Time Jumpers’ or ‘Hot
    Club Of Cowtown’, and of course ‘Asleep At The Wheel’. Best Wishes

  • Keith Schiffner says:

    @rabidpirate dumb bunny…that shits for city boy pussies like yo’ momma.

  • Jon Thompson says:

    All the Women and Children Holler Willie Willie! Aim low boys, they might
    be riding Shetlands!

  • Chris Caldwell says:

    Thanks a million for putting this up,someone needs to force feed this to
    the Nashville execs!

  • standelman95 says:

    Everyone that Loves Western Swing should Check out “The Lucky Stars” they
    are the absolute best Western Swing band playing today, Awesome !!

  • rockyrmt says:

    I always come back to visit Bob Wills :))

  • SilvioManfredDante85 says:

    I’d say I do a good job of getting that done already

  • 05Toamasina1938 says:

    Take it Leon !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The guitarist must have listened to Django ?
    and the violonist to Stephane or vice versa

  • rockyrmt says:

    I highly recommend walking, jogging..working out to Bob Wills & his Texas
    Playboys…make no works… what can i say, he’s now my
    fitness trainer with the fiddle. Just love this western swing!

  • Paula Jungmann says:

    Don’t forget the fine Texas bands that has always kept this music alive in
    the Texas regional area…..We play more western swing here than

  • JoeSzilagy says:

    I LOVE this song so much!! I wouldn’t be surprised if Bob Wills and band
    become even more famous someday than they were way back then!

  • Will Taylor says:

    @gamlastanarn Hi there, we’re paying tribute to willie and bob wills with a
    documentary recording called “house of wills”, i’d love to hear your
    thoughts on the project? Just click on my username or to get to our channel

  • Bas Gutten says:

    ray benson is the man but bob will is still the king

  • Wim Grundy says:

    Sure is pretty, that “Do Wah Diddy”!

  • Bonnie Speeg says:

    This should be piped over the Tennessee/Georgia border when people cross
    over. : )

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