Ernest Tubb Thanks a Lot 1966

Video Rating: 4 / 5

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16 Responses to Ernest Tubb Thanks a Lot 1966

  • 3thoreau says:

    Thanks a Lot…

  • Cynthia BATES says:

    agree Doctor Mountebank!

  • polly cannon says:

    jack Greene on the drums???

  • Roger Regor says:

    Just as good as a studio recording!

  • Paul McClung says:

    Leon was a great player. Love listen to him. He’s one of the father of

  • Tracey Hayward says:

    Thanks a lot :) great share . 

  • Shannon Burns says:

    So pure simple and nothing better ever. Live people, no canned compressed
    bullspit making girlies sound like boiz and boiz sound like—well we won’t
    go into that. Try to imagine this kind of music today? Wait they do still
    make this. Down in Texas. Amber Digby, Bobby Flores, Jake Hooker, John Bush
    Shin(Johnny Bush), and a list of Ray Price immulators. Keep it country down
    in Texas and Oklahoma. Trashville has been taken over by N.Y. and L.A.
    girlieboiz. But this my friends is a benchmark as to how real country music
    sounds. I cry at the thought of the disgusting carp spewing forth from
    Trashville, TN like vomit and sewage. That is about what it can be compared
    to. I can’t tell anyone a single so called country entertainer of today.
    You know I am in my early 30s. My friends are all late teens to my age. Not
    a one listens to hootio and blowin fishes or any of that new age vomit.
    Classic Country is where it is and always will be. Lead on Leon and Buddy
    Charlton, don’t get any better.

  • John Rebel says:

    I would have loved to been at the hotel lobby when Ernest started putting
    rounds down range because he was drunk and arguing with his wife.

  • Mortimer Post says:

    Great players and purveyors of REAL country (and Western, by the way)

  • Dan Webster says:

    Paw Paw Pizzin up a rope Yall;

  • Bruce Baldwin says:

    My wife loves it when I sing this! If you believe that, I’ll tell you
    another one!! I still keep trying though! I saw him and Lorretta in Albany,
    NY many moons ago! They were fantastic!

  • Van Nguyen says:

    THANKS A LOT 2013

  • eddie dawson says:

    A friend of mine was the manager of the Officers club at the Corpus Christi
    Naval Air Station. His Tubbs story was that during an intermission one
    night he made a very serious pass at the base commanders wife. That was
    the last time Earnest was booked at NAS Corpus.

  • Orbie Olsson says:

    Can’t beat traditional country!!! Loved E.T.!!! Thank goodness for Artie!!

  • eduardo umana says:

    thanks a lot to u ET for this song !!!

  • Gary Dymski says:

    Thanks a lot.

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