“I Hear Ya Talkin” Bob Wills and his Texas Playboys

“I Hear Ya Talkin” played by Bob Wills and his Texas Playboys. From the DVD “Take Me Back To Tulsa.” More info at http://www.guitarvideos.com/products/vestap…

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13 Responses to “I Hear Ya Talkin” Bob Wills and his Texas Playboys

  • Stan Warren says:

    Love the 2 step!

  • Mark Richards says:

    Ha..in some ways lyrics haven’t changed much in the past 70 years. 

  • Faron Honest says:

    band leader packin heat..lol

  • ruben king says:

    great music we love you bob gone but never forgettin reubin

  • Jazz Bass says:

    @writerrad could you please write the Bb progression down if you know
    it..much obliged

  • btbtek says:

    he’s not “directing the band on stage” but they’re tolerating his antics
    ’cause they know who signs the paychecks. I’ve played in many such
    situations and been grateful for the gig. He hired good players and kept
    the band working… business acumen is just as important as musicianship
    and the two don’t generally coexist in a single individual.

  • Kevin Gallaugher says:

    NANCY BOY?!!! you’ve gotta be kidding me. Listen, don’t fool yourself.
    Wills was one of the greatest bandleaders ever, right up there with
    Ellington and Count Basie. More popular than Benny Goodman in his heyday.
    If you think he did nothing more than prance around the stage and smile,
    then study up on him, so that next time you make a knee-jerk comment maybe
    you’ll know what you’re talking about.

  • Bonnie Speeg says:

    mmmm yes sireee, they take the prize!

  • louis12346 says:

    Ya all Vote, Steve Kirby ?

  • WeepingZeeGuitars says:


  • dflummer1 says:

    People just don’t have a concept of what bandleaders did back then. He 1.
    either wrote or co-wrote many of the songs; 2. did the arrangements; 3
    directed the band on stage; 4. Did quite a bit of fiddle playing; 5. sung
    on more than a few occasions. When you played with Bob Wills, you knew to
    expect that he would call you out at a moment’s notice, and at that point
    you were to throw out a solo. All of his musicians were top-notch, among
    the best in the business. It was because of Bob Wills.

  • Keith Schiffner says:

    @arlichar11 Obviously kid you are NOT educated enough to figure it
    out…but a clue is “More than kids like toby keith could ever do”

  • dgtxdutch says:

    @musicmanbgt Tagg worked for Bob in the 60’s as a single member that
    traveled withe Bob after he released the Playboys in the early 60’s. Tagg
    was truly one of the great W/S vocalist who met a tragic end!

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