Faron Young-Leavin’ and sayin’ goodbye.

Here the Sheriff does one of his many hits. It’s one of my favorites by Faron, and one that was penned by Miss. Jeannie Seely.

Here’s something for all you Faron Young Fans. I scoped the music to make this easier to upload.
Video Rating: 5 / 5

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26 Responses to Faron Young-Leavin’ and sayin’ goodbye.

  • Ron DeBrule says:

    Leaving and Saying Goodbye Faron Young

    Faron Young-Leavin’ and sayin’ goodbye.

  • Sam Darby says:

    A classic like Faron Young just lives on, I’m glad I’m here to hear him

  • Rusty Shackleford says:

    It looks like 3 people just came here to leave and say goodbye. If you were
    here to listen to the greatest singer of all time, how could you possibly
    give this a thumbs down?

  • darlene kremsreiter says:

    the country today is NOT TRUE COUNTRY

  • darlene kremsreiter says:

    omg how I love faron music I listen almost every nite

  • John Maclean says:


  • parrotman1940 says:

    Great singer & a friend.Too bad he couldn’t deal w/ his demons. He left us
    way to soon.

  • SteelguitarLane says:

    I am ALWAYS disappointed when they don’t sing the second B part, Faron
    forgot it here and Dawn NEVER sings it: One minute I’m all set to go, then
    i change my mind… repeating the first chorus is just lazy when the second
    is equally cool.

  • rockeycountry says:

    @–>— This Bud’s for you Faron. Thanks for posting

  • markwort2 says:

    Love ya faron you were one of the best old mate…

  • john clarke says:

    Please explain.

  • MrAmerican40 says:

    Faron stuck a pistol in his mouth and kissed the world goodbye…. such a
    great talent was he.

  • Katie Townsley says:

    beauxkeeks, you have it right. Wish you people who don’t know the reason he
    did what he did would just not comment. If you knew, maybe you’d not have
    posted. Then again, there are a lot of insensitive louts out there. Faron
    was one of the greatest. Just couldn’t take the pain anymore. R.I.P. Faron.

  • Laura King says:

    A country gem and a real smoothy…

  • Peachy6455 says:

    Regardless, he is surely missed. I lay in bed every night and play his
    tapes and smile and cry at the same time. How I wish I could have met him.

  • DERedhead65 says:

    well sorry but that is what WAS REPORTED to ALL the newspapers, to the
    public… so that is all I know of how he died. If I am “out of turn” my
    apologies. Either way it IS a damn shame… And if someone killed him that
    is REALLY SAD… and yes sadly, there are ALOT of “cold case files” in the
    world… ): Faron is “missed”…

  • Peachy6455 says:

    OMG he can sing and wink for me all night

  • Scott Mitchell says:

    lets go back to this real country

  • spkstrth says:

    I could still cry over his death… Rest in peace, Faron.

  • aprylynnn says:

    Learn more about Faron and his music in his biography by Diane Diekman

  • Imjuspickin says:

    Faron had impeccable timing. He sang without meter and made great music!

  • Tom Barish says:

    I was close to FY my whole life until he passed. He didn’t feel left out
    from new country. Thats not why he took his own life…JMHO

  • petem515 says:

    I was lucky to have played with Faron about a month before his untimely
    death. We talked backstage and he was very disturbed that the radio
    stations didn’t play any of the older Country music, not only his but all
    the greats in country. I think this really was getting to him! Still, he
    was one of the best!!

  • barrygioportmorien1 says:

    Excellent, nice tribute to the one and only Faron.

  • rockeycountry says:

    This is something I have long waited to hear FANTASTIC Thanks for posting

  • singerbiography says:

    My goodness, this is a surprise! I used this interview extensively in
    writing Faron’s biography. Thanks for posting.

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