Jean Shepard on the 1963 plane crash that killed her husband and Patsy Cline Video Library The T

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15 Responses to Jean Shepard on the 1963 plane crash that killed her husband and Patsy Cline Video Library The T

  • ProudKansan08 says:

    When I was a teenager, I had three weird experiences. Both times, I
    suddenly felt really, really, really bad, and strange, and a fierce sense
    of forboding seemed to virtually and physically weigh me down. The first
    time it happened, my sister went out with one of her best friends and they
    were going to bicycle down to the bank so my sister’s friend could either
    deposit or take money out of the bank. Her breaks went out on her bike, and
    it was sort of downhill driveway onto the bank. She ran off the 10 foot
    embankment, and must of hit her head. My sister called me, just as my
    boyfriend was leaving, which was lucky, because otherwise, I wouldn’t of
    been able to pick her up. My sister’s friend died on the scene. A year
    later, I felt like that again, and I was living with my Grandma, four hours
    away from my parents’ house, anda couple I used to babysit for, the man was
    killed by a drunk driver who ran the stop light as he was entering the
    intersection. Two years later, same thing. I was at work, and I just felt
    so awful, and heavy, like I couldn’t walk and had this horrible sense of
    forboding again. My Dad and a couple of his friends drove down to the Byron
    Nelson Classics gold tournament in Texas, and they were standing under a
    tree. Well, somehow, a huge branch suddenly cracked, broke and fell on top
    of a bunch of people. My Dad, seeing what happened jumped out of the way
    just in time, but did get a really bad scratch on his face and nose, but
    the guy who drove the car down was killed. I’ve never had any of those
    feelings again. Don’t know why I had them or why they went away, but all I
    can say is they were one of the most awful feelings I’ve ever felt and I
    hope I never have them again. I understand EXACTLY what the former Mrs.
    Hawkins felt and went through. I understand completely.

  • Kenneth Hamlett says:

    When I was a kid, I sang on a country music show for several years. Each
    week, there would be a Grand Ole Opry star as the headliner on our show,
    and I was lucky to meet the greats of the era. Ms. Shepard was a
    headliner, and she was such a lovely lady. Just weeks before his death,
    Mr. Hawkins headlined our show, and he was also terrific! How fortunate I
    was to have had that opportunity. Mr. Hawkins’ life was cut too short. I
    hope Ms. Shepard goes on forever.

  • wolfe hound says:

    a true southern gal why did I come back north !!

  • Noahs Ark says:

    One evening I suddenly became very agitated and it wouldn’t go away. I
    couldn’t sleep, couldn’t concentrate on anything. It wasn’t until the next
    day I learned my husband had been in an accident. The timing coincided with
    when the agitation started. When he called my first words were “what
    happened?. He was dumbfounded that I knew. So was I.

  • Al Lackner says:

    @Dreemwever, the Country Music Community was very supportive. In particular
    Marty Robbins wrote a very poignant song for Jean called “Two Little Boys”.
    He reportedly provided Jean’s and Hawkshaw’s sons with the writing credit
    (and royalties) for the tune.

  • pyrofella says:

    She is right.. it’s rare to hear Hawkshaw Hawkins, Cowboy Copas or Randy
    Hughes’ names mentioned when reference is made to the crash.

  • sandyRndisco1 says:

    I understand you lost your loved one too. So sorry for all family members..
    But, I LOVED Patsy.

  • regina regina says:

    Wow! I had no idea anyone other than Patsy, her Manager, and the pilot died
    in that crash. Thank you for posting. She has every right to feel that way.

  • Christopher Park says:

    Ms. Shepard is right whenever someone talks about that plane crash it is
    mainly only about Patsy, But, they were other great artists on that plane
    on that tragic day that also needs remembered.

  • Tina Harrah says:

    I understand Mrs. Hawkins !
    He was your love!

  • Winston Moore says:

    I’ve never seen this before.

  • Beppie Boumans says:

    Patsy Cline is my favourite. 

  • Dreemwever says:

    The lady tells it like it is, no sugar coating going on…… Can’t fault
    her for that. I always wondered, just how supportive was the “County
    Community” toward her during that time?

  • ahnbra says:

    You should be hurt by the way this event was presented. You are 100% in the
    right to feel this way. If people get upset with you then I would tell them
    to try and think about how they would have felt and feel if there were you
    in that situation. Then they might understand.

  • douglas stone says:


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