Roy Clark – “Yesterday When I Was Young” live at The Grand Ole Opry

Roy Clark – “Yesterday When I Was Young” live at The Grand Ole Opry on 9.29.2007. For more information on the Grand Ole Opry visit © ℗ 2007 Gran…
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20 Responses to Roy Clark – “Yesterday When I Was Young” live at The Grand Ole Opry

  • Adel Amidi says:


  • Wagonmaster74 says:

    The original version of this song is by Charles Aznavour and is titled
    “Heir Encore.” Both music and lyrics were written in French. It dates
    from 1964. Herbert Kretzmer wrote the English lyrics for “Yesterday, When
    I Was Young.” These lyrics are set to Mr. Aznavour’s music.

    Regardless who wrote the piece, Roy owns it.

  • Robert Worcester says:

    His voice was going at this point. Still great though.

  • Adel Amidi says:


  • mrbeaverstate says:

    Gawd… you can see the effort. Touching.

  • Fred Nameni says:

    thanks for sharing. it’s awesome

  • Joseph bizjak says:

    the youth is waist ed on stupid things by most of us good song . the

  • hayesman76 says:

    A stunningly moving song. Thanks for writing it, Roy!

  • Ronald Earl Wilsher says:

    LOVE Mr. R! How about you? Smile and goooood day! :~)

  • 0325koko says:

    Roy, you are singing better than ever…. always! Thank you!

  • candygirl78565 says:

    i love the song

  • basenjib123 says:

    I can echo these kind sediments about Roy….He is a great guy and very
    humble indeed.

  • basenjib123 says:

    3:41 …you know you have conveyed your song well when you bring somebody
    to tears.

  • Dave McCollaugh says:

    this song Roy is singing is my life

  • 2to3Centsworth says:

    Came back to this site!!! What a great song, along with a great musician!!!

  • umacks says:

    first time I have heard guitar cry

  • iamNRMA says:

    Got to sat next to Roy for a while at Osage Casino to see, Glenn Campbell..
    He was a very nice gentleman. I loved talking to him. I will be at his
    birthday party Friday night. I love to hear this great man sing and play.
    Is there an Instrument he can’t play? Norma

  • Robert DeMartin says:

    Are you kidding me!?!?!?!?!? An older Roy Clark singing this is a true
    masterpeiece. Roy will be remembered as one of the greats of all time and
    especially for the way he sings “Yesterday”. God Bless You, Roy, for
    singing a song that will live forever. It’s okay for us to cry for a while.
    But, we should get up and do something nice. Think of someone who needs
    help. We’re getting older but life is still ahead of us. Thanks, again,
    Roy. Never forget what once was (for a while).

  • Griffith Harland says:

    “What a load of crap, and this is the only versionfound on Karaoke! No
    Eddie Arnold. No Charles Aznavout????”

  • Mark desormeau says:

    This is a song written by a man who saw people in his life that he loved
    and knew would be gone before his lifetime. It is no wonder he wrote this
    song about the gift of life and the precious moments spent wisely- often
    too lately realized after.

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