The Life and Times of Carl Smith (1927 – 2010) – The Sunset Years

Carl was a dominate force in country music throughout the 1950s and early 1960s, with 30 Top 10 hits. From his debut chart entry in 1951 through late 1955, h…
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Before there was Johnny Cash and June Carter there was Carl Smith and June Carter, lol. This is June doing a bit of comedy with her then-husband, Carl and th…

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50 Responses to The Life and Times of Carl Smith (1927 – 2010) – The Sunset Years

  • WendyKS93 says:

    Absolutely love being able to hear In the Backroom Tonight once again. Thanks for sharing it. I’m a big Carl Smith fan.

  • airbearsgt1 says:


  • rich bell says:

    We all make mistakes, just like affect and effect, have you?

  • Scott Bechler says:

    That would be “Orchid” the flower, not “Orchard” where you grow apples! LOL

  • David Mccluskey says:

    I love Carl Smith!!! These are some songs that you don’t hear very much and i love them cause they  are great!!!!

  • TonyShelton54 says:

    WOW thats MEGA COUNTRY!!!!!!!

  • webbjr37 says:

    One of the great singers, never got the Super star status,but rates right up there with the best,
    like many others appreciated more after Death
    thanks for the upload, miss Carl, Webb Faron and all the great singers on whos music I grew up on

  • jayjay13000 says:

    just found carl smith .my sister loved him .i wish she could of seen him befor she passed away

  • rich bell says:

    , Amazon.

  • paulineandkevin says:

    Flasbell do you know where i can purchase the sixties cd with back room tonight as i can not seem to find this one
    thanks Kevin

  • paulineandkevin says:

    Flashbell thankyou for a fast respons i will now order the cd ijust love carls songs thankyou very much appresiated

  • rich bell says:

    , It is called In the Back Room Tonight. It isn’t on that box set. It is on his Sixties CD, which I Have. TY.

  • paulineandkevin says:

    Hi flashbell please put me out of my missery as i have just bought carls 5 box cds satifation guaranteed from america please tell me the name of this first song the one where he wont make it to the chapel tomorrow i have also just bought country’s family reunion at the ryman and at the opry and generations.
    thankyou for this fantastic selection of carl smith god bless

  • MegaAutostop says:

    Thank you once again Mr. Flash. Applaud, Applaud, Applaud, !!!!!!!!!!!!

  • paulineandkevin says:

    Thankyou Flashbell carl is sertanly missed by all and this selection sums up how beuitifull his music is and how it touched many hearts .
    carl rest -in -peace xx

  • paulineandkevin says:

    Thankyou Flashbell carl is sertanly missed by all and this selection sums up how beuitifullhis music is and how it touched many hearts .
    carl rest -in -peace xx

  • Paul Henry D says:

    Well miss here in Canada also.He once had a show out of Montreal I think?

  • raymondwalker777 says:

    Carl Smith…The best…

  • henry ob says:

    flashbell team, this is a very powerful collection, very powerful; my papa also approves of it back home in East Africa. Keep ’em coming!

  • Tom Patterson says:

    As a 67 year old retired Marine who loves country music, Carl Smith was Country Music. Thank you…

  • Don Williams says:

    Thanks, flashbell for this wonderful tribute to a very great artist and person.

  • joemartindales says:

    nice music tks

  • geena6 says:

    Thankyou flashbell for this  5***** post.
    Carl Smith was one of the best.

  • Connie Mitchell says:

    There is a Bear Set  #15849. 5 CD box set of Carl Smith songs titled Satisfaction Guaranteed 143 songs. You can order on line from Ernest Tubb Record Shop or Ernest Tubb Shop in Nashville, Tn. . Hope this will be of help to you. Vivian

  • pro3tlb says:

    Carl started on The Mid-day Merry-Go-Round on WNOX in Knoxville Tn. There he met his first wife June Carter. Some of Country Music’s greatest stars worked the Merry-Go-Round; Roy Acuff who was from Carl’s home town of Maynardville Tn. Chet Atkins was hired by the Carter’s on that show.
    Carl you will be sadly missed my friend.

  • henrydemonfreid1985 says:

    Spent ages looking this up…You’re right, this and ‘Time’s A Wastin’ were a single in 1954.

  • Rita Mcdonald says:

    form my life, only jube and johnny were it!!!! missing them.. loved them both. what a loss!!! a bigt one, i love you both so sorry time caught you, but it is gonna get us too,. my hearts and flowerw spill out to my fav singers of all rimwe

  • guitarpop says:

    Reminds me of my mawmaw 

  • madjikice says:

    hey cash fan i have to agree!!! june did alot of duets with alot of other ppl!! but it was the johnny and june show!!! that made all that history of timeless art!!!

  • kiramouse says:


  • Jean-Yves Dubost says:

    Hello everybody ! I’m french, and I’m not strong enough to understand ! Could somebody write a transcription of this dialogue ??? It would be great !!!

  • Clint Anderson says:

    I just watched this again its such a good song.June Carter had an AMAZING voice and personality..These old June Carter videos will never get old,i might have to try and find some LP´s on ebay or something

  • rennogsd1996 says:


  • momsmayhem says:

    I remember my parents had this song on a 78 when i was a little kid and I played it all the time…. I wish this version had the bit by June about the guy tryintg to kiss her with a mouth full of tobacco juice.

  • oldstylelife says:

    i believe this is the early 50s like 53-55ish

  • uricehe4 says:

    A fantastic slice of American country music history. Thanks for posting.

  • roflmanlol08 says:

    If you have any family/ancestors from the Appalachian mountain areas, you can understand this style of music and the gravely voices etc. what a great piece of Americana!

  • chick16Landon says:

    Have you seen Johnny Cash in his 20s ??!!11 … that man was on fire!
    he was sooo good looking !

  • bongobeardy says:



  • worldwar2researcher says:

    im not sure it was the mid 20s cuz we didnt even have televison then

  • haven1095 says:

    He was better looking than Jonny Cash

  • Susi Lawson says:

    Love this, she reminds me of Margaret OBrian here. What a treat!

  • hillbillyboy77 says:

    the 50’s is gold era of country. the best vocalists, the best guitarists and steel guitarists, best guitars, the best sound

  • PaulJD2006 says:

    When she does the gravel voice, doesn’t it seem like a minstrel show? I like it, but I’m just not used to it.

  • Belle19700 says:

    How much does Carl Smith look like Johnny Cash? Oh my goodness.

  • Marianne Florijn says:

    she was 27 or 28, she was just married to him.

  • Clint Anderson says:


  • Clint Anderson says:

    hell yes!this rocks

  • lexiemaree says:

    thanks alot !!

  • THATS311COOL says:

    Every single clip of June just makes my heart fill up with joy!

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