Glen Campbell – ‘Gentle On My Mind’ & ‘Southern Nights’ LIVE on Weekend Wogan 2010

Glen Campbell - 'Gentle On My Mind' & 'Southern Nights' LIVE on Weekend Wogan 2010

Elio Pace wrote on September 2012: Glen Campbell was booked to come onto the last show of the first series of Weekend Wogan, May 2nd 2010. He had been booked weeks beforehand and because he was “Glen Campbell” he was asked to do four songs on the show as opposed to the three everyone else had been asked to do previously, what they were going to be was still not decided. So we get to the actual week of the show and myself and the show’s producer Alan Boyd are still none the wiser as to what songs he is going to sing. He was touring the UK at the time and his management were proving rather tricky to get a hold of. Numerous emails, phone calls… nothing! Alan, Adrian Fry (my assistant musical director) and I were starting to worry that we wouldn’t have arrangements written for the 11-piece band in time for the broadcast on the Sunday. Then on the Wednesday, three days before the Saturday morning rehearsal, we finally get a message back from his management telling us two of the four songs, ‘Wichita Lineman’ and ‘Southern Nights’ and that the keys were as the originals. We went to work on those and by the Thursday night having not heard anything further from them about the other two songs, Alan made the decision that we should write one more arrangement for ‘Rhinestone Cowboy’ and that would be it. I would normally have had some contact with his musical director to find out things like if there were any new updated live arrangement changes that we should make compared to the
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6 Responses to Glen Campbell – ‘Gentle On My Mind’ & ‘Southern Nights’ LIVE on Weekend Wogan 2010

  • Carol Patterson says:

    love his songs

  • Zara Benton says:

    I have loved his music from the begining and yet have never been able to see him live in concert. Sadly now, I never will :( that in itself makes me so very very sad. I will always love his music and his beautiful voice long after he stops singing.

    All that’s left to say ~ Glen, God bless you and “thank you for the music and your incredible voice, most of all…. thank you for the memories we have made to your songs”

  • Althekeys says:

    Wogan gently glides over the questions that Glen doesn’t answer with what he should. True pro

  • spurs19571 says:


  • res57 says:

    So sad about Glen Campbell- he is a great entertainer!

  • Janicemaxwell says:

    Thank you for posting and writing the back story for this video. I saw Glen in concert here in the US in July. I saw that he stumbled on the lyrics during “Southern Nights” in this video. it’s so sad about his illness as he still has that wonderful voice. He did a great job during the concert as the whole audience was “pulling” for him but it was obvious that he was strugling with lyrics and even playing in the right key even with telepromptors. I’m a huge fan and love him. Already miss him

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