Zichrona 2010 – Ariela Orion – Don’t Laugh At Me + Lies

Zichrona 2010 – Ariela Orion – Dont Laugh at Me + Lies Sung by Ariela Orion , Singing @ Zichrona, March 2010 It was recorded by Mark Wills on his 1998 album Wish You Were Here, and released that year as its second single. Like “I Do (Cherish You)” before it, “Don’t Laugh at Me” was a #2 hit on the Billboard country charts. Allen Shamblin was inspired to write the song after his daughter came home from school one day, telling him that she was being teased by other children at school because of her freckles.[1] The song is a ballad in which various characters, such as children who have been teased or a homeless man begging on a street corner, all of whom ask for acceptance from others, as stated in the chorus: “Don’t laugh at me, don’t call me names Don’t get your pleasure from my pain In God’s eyes we’re all the same Someday we’ll all have perfect wings Don’t laugh at me” Wills has received letters from teachers and students who have said that they can identify with the song’s story. According to him, “everyone can relate to [the song]Everyone at some point in their life has been picked on, made fun of or put down.”[1] The song received Country Music Association nominations for Country Music Association’s Single, Song and Video of the Year in 1998.[1] Peter Yarrow of Peter, Paul & Mary Trio wrote: ( in www.operationrespect.org ) It was ten years ago that I first heard “Don’t Laugh at Me” at the Kerrville Folk Festival. My daughter, Bethany, who, like my son, Christopher
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