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Jim Reeves: His Untold Story Reviews

Jim Reeves: His Untold Story

  • 672 pages (3 times more pages than average book)

Velvet-voiced Jim Reeves was not only one of the world’s most popular recording stars, he was one of the most fascinating. Now, in this intimate and scrupulously well-researched 672-page biography, author Larry N. Jordan sets the record straight, dispelling rumors and misinformation that have swirled around Reeves for decades. More than 11 years in the writing, this riveting bio is based on hundreds of interviews with the people who knew Jim best, as well as his personal diaries. Jordan’s brisk, though richly detailed narrative style tells an engrossing story, taking you virtually day by day through Jim’s life. There are many intriguing – even explosive – revelations here, in a portrait that is honest, though sometimes painful; poignant, yet full of good humor. More than 150 rare (B&W and color) photos depict the private as well as public side of the unforgettable “Gentleman Jim.” Country Music People magazine says “rarely can a book have been as eagerly anticipated as Larry Jordan’s ‘Jim Reeves: His Untold Story.'” Billboard magazine praises it as a “balanced account” of Reeves’ life, and says that Larry “doesn’t put Jim on a pedestal.” The judge of one prestigious award said the book is in the major leagues with books by Pulitizer prizewinning authors! Winner of a Hollywood Book Award and an Award for Excellence from the Assoc of Recorded Sound Collections (ARSC). SAVE MONEY by ordering the COMBO of the book and NEW 2-CD (144 min.) documentary, (based on the book), featuring 42 songs by Jim, (including 20 NEW overdubs of RCA masters fans have not heard before), NEW unreleased songs, NEW interviews with Jim plus comments by the author. (Total 86 tracks). To order, search Amazon for “Jim Reeves: His Untold Story (Book and 2-cd Combo)” or search ASIN B008NPZZUO. Also click “VISIT AMAZON’s LARRY JORDAN PAGE” ATTN. FOREIGN CUSTOMERS. Amazon charges .95 shipping at checkout but we’ll REFUND .95. (U.S. customers pay .99 shipping).

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Jim Reeves sings

01 – I’ll Follow You
02 – Where Does A Broken Heart Go
03 – Drinking Tequila
04 – Mexican Joe
05 – Give Me One More Kiss
06 – Mother Went A-Walkin’
07 – Penny Candy
08 – My Rambling Heart
09 – Red Eyed And Rowdy
10 – Beatin’ On The Ding Dong
11 – The Wilder Your Heart Beats (The Sweeter You Love)
12 – Are You The One (With Alvadean Coker)

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Real Jim Reeves

Real Jim Reeves

(3CD) 60-track anthology, the ultimate collection! all the original hits & more from the late great country crooner for an unbelievable price

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EXCLUSIVE! Jim Reeves Plane Crash Video

EXCLUSIVE! Jim Reeves Plane Crash Video

1st posted & Copyright 2012 PageTurner Books LLC featuring Dan Hurst and Larry Jordan WORLD EXCLUSIVE! The historic video you are about to view is very rare….

Jim Reeves Greatest Country Gospel Compile by djeasy

I compile some of Jim Reeves best of gospel music ….He had a large variety of gospel music which he did before he pass away ……..Those are some i compil…
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Jim Reeves
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Jim Reeves
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Jim Reeves
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Jim Reeves.. Impersonating Johnny Cash, Webb Pierce, Ernest Tubb & Lefty (a rare side of Jim)

Jim Reeves.. Impersonating Johnny Cash, Webb Pierce, Ernest Tubb & Lefty (a rare side of Jim)

Jim Reeves had the greatest voice that God ever gave any man… He was known as the man with the Velvet voice… Don’t forget to rate and subscribe…

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